Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

“Social Media is a collection of Web sites (like Facebook) built around “communities.” People that like to share are prone to be active on Social Networks. And where people congregate, there are stories shared about people, events, companies and products. Being visible on Social Networks by joining the conversation is powerful marketing.”




 Gain Social Velocity
 We can help set this up!
Want us to set this all up? WSI’s stable of marquis suppliers includes M3-Social Mindz. They have recently announced a new offering in social media marketing, powered by Yovia. Their mission is to revolutionize Internet marketing, one real person at a time.
Yovia’s targeted, patent-pending Social Velocity Engine™, the first advertising engine consisting of entirely real people, is available to you with the help of your local WSI business owner.Through Yovia’s 4 Cs of Social Velocity™ (Content, Connections, Community and Conversion), WSI Social Media marketing can predict whether something will go “viral” and determine what is necessary to help a product or service achieve immediate organic growth in Google page rankings.
No penalizing Google gimmicks, no spam… Just true, ongoing returns through the power of Social Capital™, the value of every individual on the web.
Keep on going! Keep what is working. Improve or lose what isn’t working. Then move on to researching and building the next campaign.

Marketing in the Web 2.0 World
Marketers have always pushed out, or broadcast their messages to customers. Think of TV, radio, billboards, catalogs and direct mail pieces. Now, the reverse is true. It’s a revolution in marketing akin to the impact on the world during the industrial revolution. Today’s customers are simply becoming immune to traditional marketing techniques. Only 18% of traditional TV campaigns generate a positive ROI.

Today’s buyers are broadcasting their intentions to the marketers instead. The world of marketing has been turned on it’s ear. In the Web 2.0 world, people actively reach out for what they want or need. We all search the Web first, then we buy – maybe now, maybe later or maybe never – but we’re in control. You proactively seek out exactly what you are looking for and Google or Yahoo or Bing is your best friend and typically the first page that opens up when you fire up your browser. So the time when the well known, heavily push-marketed brands won the day are soon to be gone. What does that mean as far as the money that you are spending today in your tight marketing budget?

Companies are overlooking the positive impact on their businesses that can be gained through Social Media marketing. Facebook alone has over 500 million users (more than the entire population of the European Union), handles more than 600 million searches per month and serves up over 30 billion page views.How many Facebook users are a part of your target market – Hundreds? Thousands? Millions?

And Facebook is only one of hundreds of social networking sites on the Web, along with MySpace, Twitter, YouTube (the 2nd largest search engine in the world) and LinkedIn. Catering to people of all ages, these social networking users tend to spend an average of 2.3 hours a day using social networking sites. If your target market includes teenagers and young adults, that average logged-in-time exceeds well over 4 hours a day. So why not engage them agressively to network with your company in the social networking communities that they frequent all the time?

There are numerous ways that a digital marketing compnay can help you to engage in Social Media marketing; such as display and pay per click advertising, generating loyal company followers, or creating product videos for the YouTube community. On that point, a single YouTube video can literally push you to page one on Google over night!