Google local search

What is Google+ Local?

Google+ Local (formerly Google Places)  is the most important thing happening for the independent small business owner on the internet in over a decade. Quickly stand out ahead of your local competitors. Rise to the top of Google’s Local Search results (page 1 in Google) and get new customers.

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What can it do for me?

By properly setting up your Google+ Local profile in Google, if a local searcher types in keywords that your Google+ Local profile is optimized for, Google will present your business to the searcher on page #1 of its search results.

Is this assured? No, of course not! It all depends on how proper and how thorough a job you have done when setting up your Google+ Local profile. This looks easy. It is not! You need professional experienced help to do this right. Otherwise your efforts will go for nought.
Google is very picky about new Google+ Local profiles coming on line. There are a lot of scammers out there trying to “game the system.” It is incredibly easy to make Google nervous about who is really setting up the Google+ Local profile, so they often put the site on hold, or make you delete and start over. All of this takes time and can be very frustrating. That is one of the biggest benefits of having a professional well trained team setting up your Google+ Local profile. We do it right. Contact us now and don’t be afraid to ask for help just because others have said, “Hey it’s easy! You can do it yourself.


Google Places? Google Maps? Google+ Local Search? What is it?

The naming used by Google and by the marketplace around this powerful new Google technology can be confusing. Most of us think of it as Google Maps for obvious reasons (we see maps!). Google now refers to it as Google+ Local. But Google, Yahoo and Bing all refer to it as Local Search.

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Search how well optimized the Web site is for search engines like Google and Yahoo
Content how well written the content is
Quality how well built the Web site is
Accessibility how accessible the Web site is to users with disabilities
Site overall, how good the Web site is

Can you give me an example?

Ever Look for a Local Plumber in the Middle of the Night?!
When people use an Internet search engine to look for products or services in their local area, it’s imperative that they find your business on page #1 of their search results (whether their search tool of choice is Google, Yahoo or Bing).  But this is especially true  for the Google search engine because Google is the clear #1 search engine used today when people are trying to find local businesses that have just what they’re looking for right at that very moment that they are sitting at their computers or using their mobile phones. In fact, you want your business to not only be on the first page of search results, but to be the first choice on the first page of results! That is if you want real business results out of your Internet presence.

Google Maps (or Google+ Local) is a great way to get found on page #1 by local Internet searchers, get your phone ringing, get the email box popping, and see cars parked in your parking lot from opening to closing every single day.

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Some refer to Google+ Local as “local search”, which is the phrase I like the best myself. Why? Because those great little maps that show up on page #1 all the time, the ones with the little red balloons labeled A, B, C, D, show up the way they do based on where you’re searching from geographically! That alone is very cool.

If you’re desperately looking for a plumber at 1 o’clock in the morning when the pipe in the bathroom springs a leak, you just type “24 hour emergency plumber” in the search bar and voila there are four plumbers marked on a map on page #1 of Google right in your local area!! And if you typed in exactly the same search phrase in a city half way across the U.S., they would see only businesses local to them! That’s what I mean by very cool, and that’s why I refer to it as “local search.”

Bottom line on local search? If your business sells a product or service just in your local market to consumers (B2C) or even in many cases to other businesses (B2B), you can put yourself on page #1 of the search results (the holy grail of Internet marketing) with just a little help from someone that understands exactly how to build and then search-engine-optimize your Google+ Local profile on Google. Then like I said, voila, the phone starts ringing and the cash register too!! Local search is awesome and today only about 11% of all small to medium businesses are actively competing for the #1 spot on page one. Act now and beat those other guys to the punch that you compete with before they figure it out too.

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