Email Campaigns

Begin by understanding that email doesn’t have to be spam

The Internet marketing space is no longer a playground for amateurs. It’s a fast-changing, advanced and high-profit arena for specialists and experts that practice the scientific discipline of email marketing. But that shouldn’t scare anyone away! On the contrary, targeted email campaigns are one of the strongest ways for businesses like yours to leverage the power of the Internet in this digital age.

By following leading best practices in Internet marketing as it relates to the use of email, you can bring customers back again and again to buy more, and also help you to convert Web site or store front visitors into qualified leads. It’s all about maintaining a healthy and interactive relationship with your customers and prospects, wherever they may be in their decision making or buying process.

Email is essential to help build your business

An effective email campaign strategy involves fostering a meaningful, ongoing interaction with potential customers, regardless of their timing to buy. There are many innovative, cost-effective email marketing methods that will keep you on your customers’ and prospective customers’ radar. Some examples are:

  • Auto-responder emails when people indicate interest by filling in a form for information, registering for a special event, or ordering online
  • Newsletters routinely mailed to those that opt in
  • Customer update emails with special offers and coupons
  • Lead campaigns to targeted lists that you are confident won’t consider your messages spam

Every business must have a comprehensive email marketing strategy, whether you sell online or not. Your local SEO Consultant can work with you to design, implement and monitor the results of your email marketing campaigns.

Email is a low-cost/high-return marketing tool

Consider the expense of traditional lead generation methods like telemarketing, TV, radio, billboards, direct snail mail, catalogs, and even pay-per-click Internet advertising. Once email campaigns are set up, they just pretty much run all by themselves, automatically! And the cost per email is ridiculously cheap, even when compared to the cost of postage.

Your greatest asset is your customers

Your existing customers are your best prospects! So if you have been putting all your cash and efforts into acquiring new customers, stop and start to divert some of your resources into reselling and up selling to your existing customers. Email nurturing and upsell/cross sell campaigns can return huge dividends. Just make sure that the only time you ever send them an email is to deliver bad news or ask them to buy something.

It is incredibly important that you build and keep an accurate and timely customer list! Invest in a good database package! For example, is a highly respected Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Internet-hosted software service. Using a CRM software program or Internet service will allow you to keep a track of all your customers in an efficient way so that you can slice and dice the list to effectively target the right customers and prospects with just the right message at exactly the right time.

Consider nurturing the relationship with your customers with ideas like this:

Post purchase reassurance – Every time one of your customers places an order with you email them within a week of the sale to make sure that they are happy with their purchase. This will serve to counter any post-purchase discontentment and to obtain feedback on the company’s products and services and where necessary improve your business.

Preferential pricing and discounts – Give your oldest customers the best deals first and make sure they are awarded with loyalty bonuses. Whenever you have a sale, give them first opportunity to buy at the reduced rates.

Keep in touch to build trust – Helpful, meaningful contact with your customers builds rapport and leads to trusting long-term relationships.  Remembering birthdays and special Holidays is so important and extremely effective at building warm relationships Make your customers feel special and appreciated.