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WSI Certified Internet Marketing Consultant

“Our experienced consultants have special access to the hottest enterprise-class design & development firms on the planet at special SMB pricing. Your WSI consultant can skillfully guide you to get exactly what you need. With over 1,500 offices in 80 countries, WSI offers the most current, effective and affordable Internet marketing, whether your business needs to rank higher on Google, generate more leads, or be more visible on the social networks.”

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Clare McSharry – Certified Internet Marketing Consultant

Clare is the owner and lead consultant of the WSI franchise located in Dublin and Sligo, Ireland. The business specializes in helping small to medium businesses and pre-IPO firms jump start their businesses by leveraging the low-cost yet extremely powerful reach of  Web-centric marketing.

All things Internet, Web lead generation, product marketing and sales.

Clare is a highly seasoned Sales & Marketing Executive with 16+ years in-depth knowledge and experience in all aspects of global Internet technology. She has an extensive track record driving effective product messages into accounts of all sizes during both early adopter and mature phases of product life cycles. Her strategic marketing initiatives and visionary market-leading positioning consistently drove double digit year-over-year product and services revenue growth during Clare’s long & successful corporate marketing career. Strong relationships with the press and analyst firms like IDC and Gartner set him apart.

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